Start The Day With Butter and Coffeeee

Coffee somehow manages to keep its place on the list of beneficial beverages – especially if instead of milk, will be added a big lump of butter.Some experts say that the coffee prepared in this way will supply your body with energy for five hours, increase metabolism, will accelerate the

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Planning and packing a healthy lunch is the key to making good food choices during your work day.  Instead of grabbing some greasy fast food, try one of these six healthy lunch ideas for work.  They’re in two categories – pita sandwiches and salads – that are easy to make

3 Soups That Fight Cold and Flu

Got the sniffles? Head for the kitchen and make one of these single-serving soups right in the bowl.Each has ingredients like ginger, garlic, and strong spices that ease cold and flu symptoms and taste way better than cough syrup.Curry Green Leaf SoupAdd ½ cup finely shredded spinach or kale, 1

5 Healthy Cake Recipes

Carrot CakeA large number of people may really enjoy a great carrot cake recipe. You do not have to use any kind of fattening frosting with a carrot cake.You can use forty to forty-five raisins in a carrot cake recipe. A teaspoon of nutmeg can definitely come in handy when

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Many people are not aware of how important it is to have a proper breakfast each and every morning. If we do not start out the day appropriately, there is a good chance that we are not going to have enough energy to keep on going.There is no reason why