Fruits and Vegetables: Are You Having Your 5 A Day

“5 a day”, “5 a day”, “5 a day”! – a phrase I believe you heard and still hear and see everywhere these days.

It seems to be on everyone’s lips, in most TV adverts and health brochures; the government especially the health department preaches it and the health professionals believe

Strengthen Breaking and Peeling Finger Nails

From what I have been told by most women, growing your nails is a pretty difficult and time consuming task.

So the anger and frustration expressed when a finger nail you have cared so much for and watched it grow like a child BREAKS, is very understandable.

How To Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps

If you are a man reading this post, I want you to brace yourself because the probability you will suffer from an episode of razor or shave bumps is significant, that is if you haven’t experienced it already.

How Many Steps a Day Can Help You Lose Weight

Well, it is possible, no money is needed, just you need to change few habits. It is simple you just need to walk more.

Yes, you can lose weight, just by walking? But, how many steps a day you need to do in order to lose weight?

How Much Calories We Burn