Suffer From Embarrassing Bunions?Soak Your Feet In This Bath For Soothing Relief

Bunions makes you want to stuff your feet under a table and hide this bony humps that form on the outside of the big toe.

Not only  unsightly, but they can also be quite painful.

How Do Bunions Form?

Web MD, gives some of the factors for their appearance :

-simply because of genetics

-as a side effect of arthritis

-due to wearing shoes that push the foot into an unnatural shape.

1. Red Pepper
Red pepper ,according to Find Home Remedy, can  treat the pain so just cut a pepper in half and rub the juices directly on the bunion.

2. Cabbage Leaves
DIY Health Remedy recommends cabbage leaves to reduce the swelling commonly brought on by bunions. Just  lay the cabbage leaves directly on the bunion and cover with a mesh or cloth overnight.Repeat …
3. Epsom Salt
Just do a 20-minute soak in hot water with a cup of Epsom salt to  curb the symptoms associated with bunions.
4. Proper Footwear
Cleveland Clinic says  that proper footwear is key to avoiding bunions  and that forcing your feet into shoes that are too small will only increase your chances of developing .

Wear  comfortable  shoes.

5. Chamomile
Earth Clinic recommends a  cup of chamomile tea and to place the spent bags directly on the bunion for faster relief.