Here Is Why You Should Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Going To Sleep

Massage therapy is an extremely calming and beneficial treatment for the entire body, mind, and spirit. According to experts, the emotional and physical benefits of a massage are simply countless.

The foot massage is among the most beneficial ones, and it involves applying pressure on certain parts of the foot, stationary or moving.

You can apply foot massage with vibration, tension, or motion, all of which are quite effective.

Both ways of doing the massage:

– with body massagers

– or manually

And improve the health and help in relaxation. The massage can be done with:

– fingers and hands

– elbows

– knees

– forearm

– or a massage device.

Massaging your feet in different places is linked to better health in different parts of the organs. Not only that, but it can lead to greater relaxation, less stress, and even greater sexual desire.

Massaging your feet also helps improve blood circulation, relieves numerous disease, helps maintain proper balance, has proven beneficial for restless leg syndrome, improves your sleep, reduces the effect of edema during pregnancy, and is great for your skin.

When and how to do it?

It is best to massage your feet before bedtime, for 10-15 minutes. Massaging the big toe will promote the lungs and brain health, while massaging the other toes will alleviate and treat various painful complications.