10 IMPORTANT SIGNALS That You Can’t Ignore !!!

Our bodies are perfectly created machine made of organs that work as one perfect system.If there is something wrong your body will tell you all you need is t follow the signs:

1. Poor sleep, irritability, leg cramps

The low level of potassium and magnesium can be a reason so increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, chard.

2. Cravings for salty food

Inflammation or infections in the body , mostly in a urogenital system can make you wanna eat salty food.

3. Dry skin

A lack of vitamin E can cause  dry skin. Eat more vegetable oils, oily fish and nuts you will bring back the glow of your skin.

4. Sweet cravings

The reason for these cravings is nervous exhaustion, so you need glucose in order to supply energy. To avoid gastrointestinal issues, consume honey or dark chocolate instead of unhealthy sweets.

5. Bleeding gums

Lack of vitamin C is the reason and eating more vegetables, fruits, garlic, drink plenty of tea is the solution.

6. Desire for raw foods

Can be caused by  problems with the  liver or gastritis.

7. Dry skin on the elbows

The reason is most likely a deficiency of vitamins A and C,and the solution is consuming more fruits and vegetables,preferable : oranges, carrots, apricots, and pumpkin.

8. Brittle hair and nails

Lacks of calcium and vitamin B, can be a cause of  this symptom. Incorporate milk, legumes, potatoes, whole grains, and wheat germ (bread from sprouted grains) in your diet and you will be fine soon.