You Can Get Rid Of Fungus From Toenails With Just 2 Ingredients

When fungi attack us on the feet or skin under nails, it can lead to fungi nail even though fungi can show up wherever.

Since toes are covered in shoes and are warm and immersed, ideal for bacteria, fungi can strike toenails as was stated by the AAD American establishment of dermatology.

Fungi can be found all through us and bacteria as well. Infections are possible as fungi continue to grow.

Fungi are not considered to be serious for people who are healthy. On the other hand, this damages, looks disturbing and harms the nail plate.

Eliminate fungi for good

Fungi are not eliminated by baking soda. Regardless, it can flush them and prevent them later on.

Vinegar is an acid and which has the ability to prevent fungi to develop more. Do not get nervous, the vinegar will not damage the skin and nail.

Needed ingredients:

– Water
– 1 glass vinegar or acv
– 5 tbsp baking soda
– Paper towels


Mix 1 cup vinegar and water for feet soak mix. Soak the feet for 15 minutes and dry them with the towels. In the water add a few tbsp. baking soda to soak again 15 minutes. Again dry nicely.

Do this daily, 2 times. The vinegar will destroy fungi and the soda will prevent new fungi.

Another tip: before this treatmen, trim the nails as much as you can though, use clean clippers of course.

After clipping, clean the clipper with alcohol. Rinse the feet with water and dry them WELL.