10 Facts About The Life Of The Ancient Greeks That Will Make You Blush

Most people associate Ancient Greece with the philosophers, wise scholars and ancient architecture.

Greeks, like other people, made rather strange and sometimes crazy things that the modern man is able to drive into the paint.

10. Throw a girl an apple = to confess her love

Now every self-respecting man to show sympathy, gives the girl flowers. The Greeks did not bother — they just threw the Apple in any woman.

9. A unibrow as a symbol of female attractiveness

If you want somebody to throw an apple at you, you should at least follow the latest fashion trends. One of them was blurred eyebrows. In ancient Greece, a woman with this beauty feature was considered to be very attractive, and her eyebrows were the object of jealousy among other women. Those with thin eyebrows had to blacken their eyebrows or stick on a piece of animal fur with glue.

8. In the “gyms” men exercised naked

The shame of nakedness in Hellas suguwara and were associated with barbarism.

7. Men with small genitals was considered especially attractive

Ancient Greece had its own male beauty standards. The statues, temple frescoes, and art on vases portray heroes, gods, and athletes as strong, fit, hairless men with quite small genitals. The satyrs, on the other hand, look more like savages and ugly old men with quite impressive male organs. A big penis was considered to be vulgar and unattractive.

6. On the head, legs and hands of the dead laid the stones so they didn’t rise from the grave

The prejudices of the ancient Greeks, was not alien, despite the fact that the people stood at the origins of logic and rational thinking.

5. Stones and sponges instead of toilet paper

No one used toilet paper back then because they didn’t have any. But a body had needs, and they had to tidy it up with the help of stones and rounded fragments of ceramics. The Greeks were also very frugal and said, “3 stones are enough to wipe.” People with money had a better option: a sponge fixed to a stick.

4. Sneezing as a form of contraception

As you might guess, the method is completely useless.

3. Dirt and impurities for women’s health

The Greeks believed that women were excessively susceptible to impurity and pollution. That’s why very unappealing methods were used to cure them. For example, in case of miscarriage, a woman had to drink a mix of wine and fried mule’s excreta. It’s interesting to note that there was no such susceptibility among men.

2. Athletes’ sweat was used to ease muscle pain

Muscle pain in Ancient Greece were treated with dirt, sweat and dead skin that describes from the bodies of athletes after workouts.

1. To diagnose the patient’s disease, the doctor teasted his earwax

The doctors believed that all human excreta is a specific taste, which tells about the patient’s illness.