Doctor Recommends: Type of Protein Powder Improves Skin Elasticity and Reduces Wrinkles within 7 Days

One  protein  can improve the overall health of our skin and can  reduce the wrinkles .Results in as little as 7 days but full improvement in  3-6 months.

The protein is collagen and  is the most substantial protein for your bones, muscles, tendons, skin, and digestive system.

It keep your skin elastic and is  essential  glue that holds you together.Body’s collagen production  slows down  as we age and  lead to wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pain.

Excessive sunbathing, drinking, and smoking  play a part in the degenerative process.


  • consume collagen, instead of applying it topically or injections is a superior way to get it into your system.

What Science Says

  • it contains concentrated amounts of the amino acids lysine, glycine, and proline,
  • taking a collagen supplement daily improves skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles around the eyes by 20 percent
  • a study conducted in Germany on 114 females between  45 and 65 showed a 20 percent average decrease in wrinkle volume around the eye
  • another study in  London on 69 women over the age of 50  drank collagen dissolved in water for 8 weeks and experienced a significant improvement in hydration, skin elasticity and roughness.

Health Benefits of Collagen
1. Repairs and Strengthens Hair, Skin, and Nails

  • as we age, the  skin has become looser and less elastic We get brittle nails, peeling, splitting or breakage. Your hair may also begin to thin and become dry and brittle.
  • supplemental collagen can actually reverse hair loss in some cases
  • by adding collagen to your diet can you will reduce  the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • it will also increase moisture retention, improve elasticity, and helps smooth out that dimpled appearance

2. Prevents Joint Pain

  • collagen allows your joints, tendons and ligaments to glide and move easily
  • it contains the amino acids glycine and proline, which can aid in reducing joint pain and increase joint mobility
  • aking collagen is  beneficial for pain associated with osteoarthritis.

3. Supports Weight Management

  • glycine, the amino acid forms muscle by converting glucose into energy
  • collagen helps to turn your body into a fat-burning machine
  • supplemental collagen can  suppress the  appetite.

4. Improves Liver Function

  • glycine helps with detoxification and reduces the damage to the liver from everyday  toxins
  • glycine can be used to help reduce alcohol-induced liver damage
  • he can be  calming and can  improve the quality of sleep.

5. Provides Heart Protection

  • proline can  obliterate fat deposits in the arteries and repair tissue within the artery
  • it help control blood pressure.

6. Supports Bone Growth and Repair

  • bones are ⅓ collagen, which gives them their flexibility
  • bone cells are constantly turning over
  • add collagen protein to your daily diet to  make bones stronger and increase  bone mineral density.

Osteoporosis can be prevented and even reversed by supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen .