These 8 Medications Destroy Your Kidneys, But Doctor Still Prescribe Them!

Many people know that it’s better to treat health problems with natural remedies, but still, a big number of people believe doctors and treat their diseases and conditions with prescribed medications. Most of us pop a pill even when we feel slight pain, but this habit is dangerous and may cause irreparable damage to your kidneys. They may cause numerous conditions which may pass easy or progress into chronic conditions that’ll need extensive treatment.

When this occurs, you’ll need to be put on an extensive therapy, which can create additional problems. This is why it’s important to learn more about the medications you’re taking and always try to look for a better alternative.

Here are the 10 most harmful medications for your kidneys:

Antibiotics: ciprofloxacin, sulfonamides, methicillin, vancomycin.

Analgesics: acetaminophen and NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

High blood pressure drugs: captopril.

Antivirals: (acyclovir, tenofovir, indinavir)

Anti-inflammatory drugs: (infliximab, coloquina, hydroxychloroquine)

Anticonvulsants: (trimethadione, phenytoin)

You need to remember that it is important not to heal yourself, as it can have some serious consequences on your overall health. When you suspect that you suffer from some kind of diseases or condition, you should always visit a doctor or a specialist.