Here’s What The Way You Hold Your Fist Reveals About Your Personality

There are many different ways in which an individual’s personality has been linked to certain physical parts of the human body. The one attribute that stands out above the rest seems to be our hands. They often hold the most information about our lives and are thought to reveal subtle clues in regards to many things, such as the way we act, make choices, and behave in general. One simple, yet common, example is that we often compare and contrast left handed people with individuals who are right handed. Those who are left hand dominant are seen as better artists and become angry or scared easier than their right handed counterparts. In a similar alternative, in palmistry the lines on the palms of hands are closely examined, which can indicate our character traits, personality, and destiny in life.

Another way in which we can analyze our personalities is by looking at how we make a fist. By closely examining how we curl up our own hands, and where we place our fingers, we can determine certain aspects about our personalities which are commonly associated with the three main fist types seen in the picture.

Go ahead and make a fist. Are you a type A, B, or C?

  • Picture A

External personality

If you hold your fist like in photo A, then you are delicate, insecure, compassionate, have a strong creativity, and you like assisting other individuals. Also, you are passionate, restless, along with energetic, curious, self-ironic and amusing.

Internal character

You want to feel safeguarded, acknowledged, accepted, and be treated regards. There are times in which you are overly great, and individuals benefit from you, and all you desire is truthful sensations.

However, you know who treats you in a good way, and who in a bad way. You know what to love, and what to hate.

Love personality

You can feeling love, but you can not reveal it. If program your partner a 30% of your love, then it is at least 50% more than that. You have the tendency to suppress your feelings. It is not that you are never ever getting angry, but you know the best ways to suppress your bad mood. You know absolutely nothing of selfishness, and you treat people well.

  • Picture B

External Personality

If you hold your fist as in picture B, then you are skilled, charismatic, and able to make pals everywhere. Also, you are intelligent, industrious, dedicated, flexible, alert, positive, generous, captivating, self-confident, and you are full of ideas in addition to you care a lot about power.

Internal Character

You have a fragile heart, you have high expectations, want too lots of things, however you are afraid of getting hurt. Also, you are afraid of loss, and you need someone to motivate you. You just want to find people who will like the genuine you.

Love Personality

You invest a lot of time overthinking, you can not let go, and you are stuck in depressive memories. Often, you alter your mind, you want to be with somebody, but you do not let yourself to do so. Due to your big love to your partner, you hesitate that they are going to hate you or get sick of you, so you act like you do not care, and everything is “whatever” to you.

  • Picture C

External Character

If you hold your fist as in picture C, then you are amusing, emotional, nimble, practical, thoughtful, proficient at phrasing, innovative, and alert. Likewise, you are clever, great at manipulating, and promoting consistency. However, often you over concern, and you are too sensitive.

Internal Character

You have the tendency to be quiet, but you would rather compromise to prevent anybody from getting hurt. All you need is for somebody to comprehend you which is not difficult to be done. And, you want versatility and dreams.

Love Character

You prefer comfy environment over busy one. It is the same with your relationships. The greatest weak point you have is the soft heart. Even when a person does a lot of damage to you, if they use their genuine apologies, you are able to forgive and forget.