6 Amazing Exercises for a Flat Belly That You Can Do Right in a Chair

Working from your chair or office work has its benefits. But sitting for a long time can hurt your body. After some time, you feel pain in your legs, neck and your back. You might eventually get diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and become obese. You probably get nervous after you spend some time sitting, and you just want to stand up but that is impossible because the only way to do your job is to keep sitting. Well, naturally you have to work in order to feed your family and advance in your business. That is why you have to work out a little bit. And we are happy to inform you that you can do some exercises from your chair at your work.

This exercise will strengthen your lower abdominal muscles, improve digestion and help you burn all that unnecessary fat.

  • What Should You Do:

1. Sit down and keep your back straight, but don’t touch the back of the chair.
2. Lift your right knee, and pull it all over to your chest. While doing that, make sure you keep your belly sucked in.
3. Repeat that 20-30 times by changing your knees.

This is an excellent exercise for your abs.

  • What Should You Do:

1. Keep your legs together.
2. Hold tightly to the sides of the chair.
3. Keep your back straight like in the previous exercise, lift your knees and pull them both to the chest. Make sure you keep your abdominal muscles tensed.
4. Repeat this movement 10-20 times.

Shapes your midsection. Slanted muscle exercises help to consume fat from the sides of your gut.

Your activities:

1. Sit on the seat edge with a straight back. Hold the seat firmly with the two hands.
2. Twist your body to the side, and sit just on one glute.
3. Keep your legs together, and lift the two knees to your chest as depicted in Exercise 5.
4. Come back to your unique position, and curve to the opposite side.
5. Rehash 10-20 times on each side.

Helps to burn fat on the belly sides and hips.

  • Your actions:

1. Keep your feet on the floor.
2. Straighten your arms at the level of your shoulders.
3. Turn your upper body to the right, bend, and touch your left foot with your right hand. Stay in this position for a while.
4. Return to the original position. Now bend to your right foot, touching it with your left hand.
5. Repeat 20-30 times, alternating sides with each bend.

This exercise will burn your belly fat really fast. But only if you do it regularly!

  • What Should You Do:

1. Hold your arms on the sides of the chair.
2. Slowly start raising your entire body to the air.
3. Raise your knees to your chest or try keeping your legs straight.
4. Stay in that position for 20 seconds. Slowly return to your original position, and take a 1-minute break.
5. Do 4 sets of this exercise.

This exercise is excellent for your waist. Make sure your elbow touches your opposite knee.

  • What Should You Do:

1. Sit on your chair and keep your back straight, again try not to touch the back of your chair.
2. Keep your hands behind your head.
3. Start bending forward and touch your right knee with your left elbow.
4. Return to the original position. Repeat that 15 times.
5. In the next set, you should change the knee and elbow and repeat it for 15 times.
6. Do 4 sets of 15 reps.

You should do this exercise while standing next to you chair.

  • What Should You Do:

1. Stand behind the chair, and hold to the back of the chair.
2. Raise your right hand above your head.
3. Move that hand down slowly, while (at the same time) raising your right knee so the two of them meet at the halfway. Make sure to contract your oblique as you are doing the movement.
4. Return to the original position. For each side do 4 sets of 15 reps.

Abs are the most important group of muscles. They are holding our entire body straight and act as a sort of a pillar. Take good care of them and remember that they have the ability to regenerate very quickly. Having that in mind, you should do these exercise every single day. And if you combine them with a good diet, you will achieve great results in a very short period of time.