6 Amazing Watermelon Health Benefits and Facts

No other produce screams summer quite like watermelon. It could be its refreshing sweetness or even the burst of color that adds a bit of brightness to your plate.

Thing is, there’s more to watermelon than just its flavor: It boasts some powerful health benefits, too. At 46 calories per cup, watermelon offers 20% of your daily intake of vitamin C and 17% vitamin A, according to the USDA. That’s not all.

“Watermelon contains dietary fiber for digestive health as well as potassium, a mineral that helps keep blood pressure capped,” says Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health’s contributing nutrition editor.

No wonder there’s a month-long holiday dedicated to it—July is National Watermelon Month.

Here are some other fun facts to celebrate watermelon’s big month:

1. It’s packed with, well, water

Now this is a food with some serious hydration power. Watermelon is 91.5 percent water, according to the USDA. That’s a big deal seeing as how being dehydrated is bad for your health. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that women with even mild dehydration experienced headaches, poor concentration, fatigue and worse moods. More reason to whip up some watermelon recipes, stat.

2. More Lycopene In Comparison to Raw Tomatoes

Lycopene is a carotenoid antioxidant that is potent and is responsible for the pink and red color of the fruits and vegetables. Usually, the lycopene is linked to the tomatoes. But, most people are not aware of the fact that there is more lycopene in the watermelon.

Only one cup watermelon has 1.5 times more lycopene than a large tomato. There is 6 mg lycopene in watermelon, and on the other hand, there is 4 mg lycopene in tomato.

3. Consume the Rind and Seeds of the Watermelon

This is most likely something that many people do unknown, that you can consume the rind and seeds. You can keep the skin, blend it and add some lime. And this may function as your healthy summer treat.

The rind is useful, due to the fact that it contains a great deal of health-promoting and blood structure chlorophyll. Inning accordance with a research study there is more citrulline amino acid in the skin than in the pink flash of the watermelon.

This amino acid transforms into arginine in your kidneys, and it is beneficial for your heart health and body immune system. It is said that citrulline has healing worth with as much as hundred health conditions.

Many people consume the seedless watermelon. However, it that a good option? Well, really no, because the watermelon seeds are healthy and edible. The black seed has protein, fiber, zinc, and iron.

The watermelon varieties that are seedless aren’t genetically modified. That is like that due to hybridization.

4. Yellow Watermelons

On the marketplace, you can find yellow watermelon like the Crimson which has yellow flesh with honey flavor. This watermelon is sweeter in contrast to the popular Crimson Sweet which has a pink flash.

There are many nutritional advantages of the yellow watermelon. However the problem is that researchers somehow just decide to carry out studies about the pink watermelons.

5. It Is Vegetables and fruit Too

Watermelon is a cousin to the pumpkin, cucumber, and squash. It resembles that since the watermelon is, in truth, part watermelon, part fruit. And you can consume the skin as well.

6. Watermelon Juice Relieves Muscle Pain

Watermelon juice is terrific to consume prior to you go to the gym. You just need to juice 1/3 watermelon in the juicer or mixer. This amount of watermelon has around 1 gram of l-citrulline amino acid which secures and helps from any discomfort in your muscles.

In truth, one study revealed that men who consumed this pasteurized and natural beverage prior to they went to the gym had actually lowered muscle soreness just one day later.

And those participants that had placebo took longer time. The watermelon beverage assisted all participants to minimize the recovery of heart rate.

However, you need to take care with drinking watermelon juice since in its material there is presence of fructose. To avoid over-consumption, eat the fruit instead to juice it.

Lycopene- Famous Nutritional Benefit of the Watermelon

One cup of watermelon has around 6,500 micrograms i.e. 6.5 mg lycopene. The varieties of watermelons that have red flesh normally have more lycopene in contrast to the yellow watermelons.

This is a stable anti-oxidant, it has only little wear and tear after the watermelon is cut and after the watermelon stays in the fridge for more than 48 hours. One study reports that after 1 week of storage, that is when the lycopene begins to deteriorate which only occurs by 6 percent to around 11 percent.

Why is the lycopene crucial? Since it is believed that the lycopene is more potent in comparison to the beta-carotene. A 2014 meta-analysis reports that this anti-oxidant can minimize the danger of stroke by 19 percent.

Likewise, it is believed that due to its antioxidant homes it has high activity versus cancer. According to 2014 meta-analysis made from 10 studies, the dietary lycopene may secure and assist lower the risk of ovarian cancer with postmenopausal women.

Other research studies made on animals recommend that the lycopene can help treat cancer. In addition, a various research recommends that lycopene treatment can minimize the growth of brain tumors. But another research study suggests that routine lycopene usage may suppress the breast tumor development in mice.

Watermelon Extract Assists Decrease Your High blood pressure

The watermelon and its nutrients play an essential function in avoiding cardiovascular disease, due to the fact that the nutrients assist lower the blood pressure. In one study some obese individuals took supplements of citrulline and arginine from the extract of the watermelon.

These individuals experienced terrific enhancements concerning their blood pressure and heart tension when they had stressful cold water test. The researchers keep in mind that the watermelon supplements assisted to lower their blood pressure and likewise the need of myocardial oxygen in a time of the CPT also understood as a cold pressor test.

In addition, there was increased magnitude of cold in wave reflection with obese grownups with hypertension. The watermelon may offer cardio security by lowering the cold-induced aortic reactions which are hemodynamic.

Exactly what happens in the body is that Citrulline transforms into L-arginine which is a precursor relating to the nitric oxide. In order to have a proper flow of blood and your capillary to unwind you need to have a suitable amount of nitric oxide. This is why it assists to reduce the blood pressure.

Use Watermelon for Swelling and A lot more

The L-arginine relaxes the capillary, which is why it is good in case of impotence. It is the very same for the blood vessels that supply the needed blood to the external organ in males.

Due to the fact that of this benefit, the watermelon is said to be the natural Viagra. One research study reports that males with mild erectile dysfunction may improve their solidity in regards to erection due to the citrulline supplements.

Moreover, the watermelon is abundant in anti-inflammatory substances. The watermelon contains lycopene, cucurbitacin E as well as triterpenoid. In fact, the triterpenoid might help in reducing the enzyme’s activity that results in inflammation and pain i.e. cyclooxygenase.

Furthermore, this is actually the same enzyme which the inhibitors COX-2 obstruct it, this also includes NSAIDs like aspirin as well as ibuprofen. The widely known truth is that the watermelon is really low in calories, in one cup there are just around 25 calories.

But, it is likewise abundant in vital nutrients like:

Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6

Ways to Select the very best Watermelon

Now that you know all the advantages that the watermelon supplies you have to find out ways to select the appropriate watermelon in order to take pleasure in all those advantages. And let’s be genuine, all of us get a little dissatisfied when we buy watermelon, get house, sufficed and we see that is bad.

But, you most likely did not pick right, due to the fact that you did unknown about these tricks. Next time you go to buy a watermelon, the first thing you need to do is to examine its bottom.

Why? Since the proper watermelon will have a pale spot that is buttery-yellow. Keep in mind that the spot need to not be green or possibly white. If that is the color of the spot, do not purchase the watermelon.

Why is the color essential? Because the watermelon rests on the grown which is an indicator that is fully grown. If you want to discover more, enjoy the video below that will assist you always to select the right watermelon.

  • Extra Tricks

To pick the correct watermelon, you can likewise make the thump test. This is believed to be controversial, but it is said that if the watermelon is ripe, then it should have sort of hollow base sound.

The perfect watermelon has a smooth rind. However, with dull top. The opposite side of its ground spot is the top. It depends upon its size, however watermelons ought to be heavy.

Prior to you take in the watermelon, remember to put in the fridge from 50 to 60 F degrees. Also before you decide to cut it, utilize a tidy wet cloth to clean it.

After you cut it and take the quantity you want to take in, put the rest back in the refrigerator. In case you choose to eat the rind, select natural watermelon, just to stay safe.

Bear in mind that the watermelon has fructose and that is why you need to eat it in moderation. As a healthy reward, you can blend the rind with some lime.

Only one-sixteenth of watermelon of medium size includes around 11.3 g of fructose. For those people that remain in health, have suggested everyday consumption that is below 25 g.

Moreover, in case you are overweight, you have diabetes or maybe hypertension the advised day-to-day intake of fructose for you is listed below 15 g.