How to Get Rid of Lizards without Killing Them

You don’t have to be afraid of lizards to want to get rid of them. Even though they help you eliminate spiders and nasty insects from your home, still the very thought of having them in your yard and home can be quite disturbing. But, you can now stop wondering how to get rid of lizards, as we offer you ten simple solutions.

Lizards mostly occur in warm regions with enough food and cover. There are over 1,200 populations of lizards on the Planet, so there‘ll be a lot of them still around in future.

Their small size allows them to enter easily into our homes through pipes, vents, cracks around sliding doors, windows and other crevices. Most of them are not dangerous, but, they leave black droppings with white tips behind them which can transmit salmonella.

That’s right. These animals can often carry this bacteria, exposing your whole family to it resulting in serious health problems.

So far, you may have thought to eradicate and prevent them from keep on occurring in your house or building is impossible. However, there’s something you can do to ensure you’ll no longer see a lizard near your home ever again.

How to Get Rid of Lizards – 10 Tips & Tricks

1. Clean Your House

First, you have to keep your house clean! In this way, you’ll make lizards feel unwelcome as they like dirty and messy places which can provide them with food and hiding places. For that purpose, make sure you do the following things:

  • Vacuum and sweep your home regularly
  • Always mop the floor after having a meal
  • Do not let dusty clutter and dirty dishes pile up too much
  • Take care of piles of magazines, garbage and storage boxes
  • Try to expose potential hiding places by moving your furniture now and then
  • Make sure your room temperature is cool since these animals like warm places

2. Cut Down Their Food Sources

Getting rid of their food supplies is one logical way to eradicate lizards from your home.

  • Try to repel insects from your home and make it insect-free. Once lizards don’t find their food, they will naturally look for it somewhere else.
  • Don’t keep standing water sources in your house. They are the perfect environment for insects.
  • Clean up food crumbs the moment you finish eating. Also, put away any leftover or open food in your home.
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash regularly as it attract lizards
  • Also, pet food is another food that might attract these animals. So, don’t leave it out for too long

3. Seal Entry Points

Sealing up every entry point lizards might use to enter your home is one of the first things to do. These small animals can use even the smallest cracks and holes they find as they private doorways of your house.

  • Use sealants to seal small holes or cracks
  • Repair torn metal screen in your windows, or place new ones if you don’t have.
  • Look for damaged corners of your windows and doors and make sure you repair them
  • Ensure your bathroom, and kitchen pipes are all crack-free
  • Your screen doors should be able to close tightly

4. Cardboard Traps

Another way to get rid of these little crawlers is to use homemade or commercial cardboard traps. But, first, you have to locate the possible entry points so that you can place them nearby.

  • Commercial cardboard traps are inexpensive and easily available. They come with attractants which tempt the lizards that end up stuck on the sticky surface. Then, just release the trapped lizard outside your house.
  • Use water bottles or shoe boxes to make homemade lizard traps. Put a sticky pad or food in them and wait for the lizard to come.
  • Make more than one traps if you have to deal with many lizards. You might need few days to catch them all.

5. Pepper Spray

Use pepper spray to irritate these creatures and make them get away from your house.

  • To make your own pepper spray use one to two teaspoon of pepper powder and a bottle filled with water. Add the powder to the water and a bit of chili powder. Close the bottle and shake well. Then, use the solution to spray under your stove, behind furniture, around the kitchen corners and racks, windowsills, and anywhere you might expect to see lizards. Spray the solution once a day for several days until the lizards are gone.

6. Peacock Feathers

Did you know that peacock feathers terrify lizards? This is probably because they relate these feathers to the birds who prey on them.

  • You can find peacock feathers online or in many local markets.
  • Stick more feathers together on walls where you think the animals live. Use a tape for this, or just place them in corners or flower vase to make lizards leave your room immediately.

7. Ice-Cold Water

Temperature changes can affect lizards’ mobility. So, spray them with cold water to get rid of them.

  • Use a spray bottle for this and spray them the moment you see them. The ice-cold water will slow their movements, so keep on spraying until you can trap them in a cardboard box. Then, dump them outside.

8. Lemongrass

The strong smell of Lemongrass repels many insects and pests, including lizards.

  • One option is to pour several drops of lemongrass essential oil in places where you expect to find them.
  • Also, you ca hang few used lemongrass tea bags in places where you’ve seen black lizard Don’t forget to replace the tea bags every 2-3 days.
  • Another option is to burn lemongrass and spread the smell around the house. This will repel lizards and prevent them from entering your home. Repeat every few days.

9. Camphor

Camphor has a strong smell that’ll make lizards go as far from your house as possible.

  • Locate the common places and corners where lizards appear and place camphor balls.
  • Alternatively, you can pour several drops of camphor oil in different corners around your home.

10. Get a Cat

If you see lizards appearing in your house, it’s time to get a cat.

  • Cats love lizards as much as they love mouse. They’ll quickly catch them the moment they see them. So, your new cute cat can be a blood-thirsty predator at the same time, keeping your home free of lizards.
  • In 2014, the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences has published a study reporting that areas with a lot of cats have half the populations of lizards as in those without cats.

Additional Tips

  • Keep the lights off most of the time to prevent lizards from entering into your house. This refers to those who have spotted lizards in their yards or anywhere near their house
  • Most lizards tend to come out in the evening, so it’s best to chase them at night
  • Another way to repel lizards is to place few egg shells around doors, windows, and corners of your house. Keep them for 3-4 weeks and replace with new ones
  • At last, press garlic cloves or onion slices against the walls of your house to keep lizards away from it